Competiva is a specialised boutique consultancy and training firm in the area of sales, negotiation, and sales leadership.

Our clients are leading firms in the finance sector, such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays Group, BlackRock, Swiss Re, Munich Re, and many others.


Competiva serves customers around the world. 


We bring fresh perspectives and insights to our clients. We question assumptions, motives, and strategies to help increase growth, profit margins, and customer loyalty.  

Competiva merges cross-industry experience and research capability with the business expertise of its clients to co-create a competitive, world-class sales organization.


We look at the business reality from different angles to discover untapped potential.


Competiva offers customised training and coaching programs for sales professionals and sales leaders.


All programs are built around the current and anticipated future business requirements as well as the development needs of each sales professional and sales manager. 


The programs are highly interactive, practical and integrated into the daily reality of training participants. The programs offer executives a platform to inspire, to shape corporate culture and mindset to remain at the forefront of the financial industry's dynamics and innovation.