Identify high-potentials for top-performance and development. Discover successful behavior patterns. 

Sales Leadership Training - Workshops

Strategic Direction

 Inspiration & Commitment

 Operational Excellence

Vision & Strategy

Power of visions in leadership and

sales. Strategic thinking across teams and organizations.

Influence of personality traits in communication style, personal motivation, and decision-making. 

Team, Diversity & Inclusion
Build and manage high-performing global, sales teams. 
Diversity & Inclusion - Risk & Opportunity 

Building and leveraging professional networks for business acquisition and achievement of goals.

Using conscious and unconscious communication channels for influencing behavior and reaching goals.  

Understand and use coaching techniques to achieve high performance of individuals and teams.

Uncertainty and Complexity
Understand root cause of complexity and ambiguity as a business reality. Challenges and opportunities. 

Change Management

Lead people through change phases. Diagnose and anticipate resistance. Create a culture of constant change and high performance.

Creativity & Innovation  
Explore and apply creativity techniques with teams and clients. Integrate innovative thinking in performance culture.

Value Co-Creation
Collaboration models and customer integration into co-creation processes.  

Sales Strategy & Pipeline

Transform sales targets into actionable strategies, plans, and highly satisfying results.