Sales Leaders Training


Competiva's  development programs for Sales Leaders are designed for managers in the sales organisation. We offer complete leadership development programs or specific interventions to complement existing leadership training curricula. The programs aim to develop the following leadership competencies: 


Strategic Direction
Critical expertise for sales leaders in the financial industry is to understand and anticipate global trends, explore alternative directions and drive business transformation. Value creation must be a mindset and not a specific activity
. Effective leaders promote strategic thinking and creative ideas. They differentiate themselves and their organisation on all dimensions and all the time.  



Inspiration & Commitment
In a turbulent business environment, companies are in a constant change process. An innovative, high-performance organisation promotes a leadership culture based on trust and inspiration. Successful leaders create a vision and provide the rights conditions for teams to perform and change at the same time.



Operational Excellence

The ability to deal with complexity, ambiguity, and fast change are core competencies of successful leaders. Mastering the fundamental management skills are vital to operate effectively and to grow the business.