Communicate new perspectives,

ask challenging questions to win the client

Winning Major Deals
 Transaction simulation with analysis and comprehensive feedback

Executive Coaching

Coaching in business strategy,  leadership, politics and client relationship



Strategic analysis of clients value proposition,
tools and methods

Sales Cycle

Leading through effective Cycle management 

Sales and Negotiation Training - Topics 

Sales Strategy & Cycle

Influence & Persuasion

Prepare to win

Analyze customer's business,

 Identify potential for value creation

Advanced Negotiations

 Simulation of complex, highly emotional negotiations. 

Model of Influence

Rapport building, credibility and trust to get the buy-in

Laws of Influence

Laws of Influence to convince and thrive in business 

Value Creation & Creativity

Effective Negotiation

Strategies, techniques, conditional trading 

Emotional Negotiations

Understand and use emotions, ploys  and tactics in negotiation

Insights Selling

Challenge assumptions, sell insights change buying vision, lead!

Sales Process

Six steps to create a customer aligned sales process

Complex Sales

Cross-functional, multi-issue sales

Key Account Management

Build profitable and sustainable client relationships

Board Room Presentation

Power and Influence,

political sale

Covered Actors

 Beliefs, values, motivators and emotions in decision making


Techniques to produce fresh,

and outstanding ideas to enhance  clients competitiveness

Sales Leader Coaching

Coaching in leadership, personal branding and client relationship

Transaction Coaching

Coaching deal team to structure, negotiate and successfully close a transaction