Sales Professionals Training 


Competiva's Sales & Negotiation training curricula are built around themes which cover Strategy & Cycle, Influence & Persuasion, Value Creation & Creativity.  

Sales Strategy and Cycle

Effective sales cycle management between complex, cross-functional and highly professional organisations demands new communication and interaction strategies. The goal is to maximize and keep the value of all interventions, products, and services in each phase of the sales cycle, relative to the value created by competitors.   



Influence & Persuasion

"People buy people first," and the reason they want to do business with you is more driven by their unconscious than their conscious mind. Influencing people and their decisions requires knowledge about the drivers of human behavior and the skills to change it. We use a science-based "Model of Influence" and practice the "Laws of Influence" in sales and negotiations. 



Value Creation & Creativity

Success-critical factors for winning business are the ability to present new, unconventional business perspectives, to surprise your clients with insights and to challenge their assumptions. The workshops on value creation focus on diagnostic and creativity techniques to identify untapped growth and profit potential of client's business.